VIBRATION SOLUTIONS " What could we do ? "

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VIBRATION SOLUTIONS " What could we do ? "

" What could we do ? "


We have the vibration solution experience more than 20 years in Power Plants, Oil Refinery Plants, Oil and Gas Plants, Petrochemical Plants etc.
Our team have 3 experience Mechanical & Vibration engineer in this field
At present, We receive the Consultancy Service Agreement of Predictive maintenance system from Thai Caprolactum Public Co.,Ltd. Since September 2003.

Category of services

1. Predictive maintenance program
2. Vibration analysis
3. Vibration analysis training
4. Vibration problems solving
4.1 shop balancing
4.2 field balancing
4.3 laser alignment
4.4 machine modification 
5. Other projects such as project coordinator

1 Predictive Maintenance Program

1.1 Program Summary:
• Development of a specific plant PdM system
• Assistance in the implementation of th Pdm
• On-going PdM reports prepared by Buyer and then approved by the vibration specialist engineer

1.2 Program benefits:
• Program developed utilizing knowledge gained through the vibration specialist experience
• Improved ability to Predictive Maintenance requirements in advance
• Reduction of Break Down maintenance time and expense
• Greater ability to Predict maintenance of specific equipment through centralized analysis

2 Vibration Analysis

2.1 Vibration Analysis Annual Contract
2.1.1 Program Summary:
? Hand on VA of buyer at first priority
? Plant survey and Machine information set up
? Data collecting, over all vibration analysis and monitoring report on nonthly basis.
2.1.2. Program Benefits:
• Machine health monitoring without or minimized machine 
down time.
• Planning of repair procedures at an optimum time

2.2 Vibration analysis at intervals
2.2.1 Program Summary:
? Hand on VA of buyer at normal priority
? Machine survey and information set up
? Data collecting overall vibration analysis and monitoring 
report providing
2.2.2 Program Benefits:
• Machine health monitoring without or minimized machine down time
• Planning of repair procedures at an optimum time

3 Vibration Analysis Training

3.1 In house training
3.1.1. Program Summary:
• Buyer requirement course set up
• In house training conduction
3.1.2 Program Benefits:
• Training at buyer place
• Course as “ Tailored make “ that matching with buyer requirement.

3.2 Public Training
3.2.1 Program Summary:
• Standard course set up
• Publish training conduction
3.2.2 Program Benefits:
• Cheaper training cost
• Experience sharing with other attendance.

4 Vibration Problems Solving

4.1 Dynamics field balancing
4.1.1. Program Summary:
• Compact machine diagnoses
• Dynamic field Balancing
4.1.2 Program Benefits
• No requirement of disassembly and Transport of rotor
• Most economical method to correct unbalance in a compleately assembled machine.

4.2 Dynamic Shop balancing
4.2.1 Program Summary 
• receiving parts at buyer door and transporting to outsourcing
• shop supervision and transporting back to buyer

4.2.2 Program benefit
• Higher accuracy balancing and quality of buyer product
• Machine failure reduction and Machine life extension

4.3 Laser Alignment
4.3.1 Program summary
• Leading outstanding to alignment set up

4.3.2 Program benefit 
• Higher accuracy and quality of alignment 
• Machine failure reduction and machine life extension

5 Other project such as Project Coordinator

5.1 Program summary
• Failure anlysis
• Replication
• Inspection Witness

5.2 Program benefit
• receive required results by the experience engineer


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